What is a Vision Statement?

I often talk to business owners about their vision statement. (But understanding the power of  this tool is vitally important to your business.) Most business owners roll their eyes and tune out at the mention of a vision statement. I can completely understand why they would have this reaction. Most of us have some sort of glimpse into “Corporate America” and the examples they set with vision statements is mostly laughable.

Be honest when I said vision statement you envisioned this didn’t you:

The actual use and reason for a vision statement couldn’t be further from the truth. A company’s vision statement needs to be the ultimate management tool you have. When you come up face to face with a decision in business you should be comparing the different options to your vision, mission and values statements. It should be a tool to help you make critical decisions that are other wise difficult to make.

Think of your vision statement as a combination of a “who we are,”  “why we’re here,” “what we’re going to do,” and a “where we’re going” statement.  It is your company’s “declaration” Here are a few simple questions to help you create a powerful vision statement.

  • Why did you start (or buy or take over) your company?
  • What do you want your company to look like (inside and out)?
  • How is your company important to you, your team members, your customers, and your community?
  • What does your company do?
  • Why makes your company special?
  • Why should people want to work at your company?
  • What are all the things your company will provide for your team members?
  • What are all the things your company will provide for you and your family?
  • Why should your customers buy from you instead of your competition?
  • What are your goals for your company?
  • Why are those goals important to you?
  • Why are your goals important to your team?
  • Why should your community want your company located there?

At this stage of the game you are really trying to create your powerful WHY. Let’s be honest, owning a business is a difficult thing to do. It requires a lot of hard work. It requires a lot of skills you may not already posses. Having a vision statement helps you navigate those unknown areas of business ownership.

Remember; plans will change, you will run into adversity, and things may get chaotic.

But vision will always find a way.


Adam DufresneAdam Dufresne
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