What good is a mission statement anyway?

Your mission statement is the next most important thing to a vision statement. You are now starting to build the personality of the company out a little further. As we dig further into this you will find it is more important HOW you do things, not WHAT you do.

Let’s face it, you have competition. There are other companies and people out there that do what you do. We can go through list upon list of key differentiators but at the end of the day what makes you different is HOW you do what you do.

In other posts on this blog we will make sure you can articulate that. For now, let’s dig into your mission statement.

Think of this as the “how we do it” statement.  A mission statement is “now” oriented.  It is your company’s “constitution.” Here is the point where you want to start to narrow down how you do things. How do you achieve your company’s vision. Again going back to the point, WHAT you do is just not that important.

Here are a few questions that can help you along the process:

  • How do we achieve our vision?
  • What systems should be referenced?
  • Do we have an employee handbook that should be referenced?
  • What are our overall operational strategies and our guiding tactics?
  • What do our individual team members need to do in order for us to reach our vision?
  • What overall philosophies do we need to employ in order for us to reach our vision? (For example, what is our customer service philosophy, our philosophy regarding quality, and our philosophies relative to any and all of our competitive differentiators?)

Remember as you write answers and try to wrestle this to the ground, this is your company’s constitution. This is a set of fundamental principles you, as a company, agree to live and operate by.

Adam DufresneAdam Dufresne
Rhapsody Strategies
Professional Business Coach

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