Change the game in 2015

Have you ever taken a step back from your workday and wondered, what happened?

Do you remember back when the company was first starting out? When the days of working in a garage or basement was normal. Payday came and the discussion went something like this, “Ok, who really needs their pay today? Can it wait until Monday?” Those were the days!

Everyone at the company pulled together. Everyone went above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone worked together as if you were all equal owners, even if you had no shares in the company. There was a collective feeling of “us against the world”

Now it seems like employees are sitting around waiting for a paycheck. Most people do their jobs, but the burning desire has since left the building. It may seem like no one is on the same page anymore. What happened? Where did we go wrong?

If any of that rings a bell, then, this blog’s for you. I work with companies and business owners who are already successful but know they are meant for more. If you are that business owner who knows you are a winner at heart, but feel like you have been losing lately, read through and bookmark this blog.

There are two things I want to recommend for you right away:

First, stop the bleeding. Read my past blog posts to figure out how to create a proper Vision, Mission and Value statements. Gather the troops. Get the team together and figure out how to create one for your company.

Once it is complete, use it DAILY. It is a management tool, not a motivational tool.

Second, if you are serious about playing a bigger game, get yourself a coach. The one thing every world class athlete has in common, is they have a coach. If you hope to create a world class company, doesn’t it make sense that you do also?

Adam DufresneAdam Dufresne
Rhapsody Strategies
Professional Business Coach



I suggest reading Jon Denney’s book Unstuck. Jon is the owner of the PBCA (The alliance that certifies me as a coach) My writing, teaching, and learning is largely influenced by this man and this book.

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