What have you taken for granted in the last year? (in your business)

A simple question for you, what did you take for granted in your business in 2014? Take a moment and reflect on that.

Now fast forward back to today. We are late February. New Year’s Eve is a distant memory. The things you were taking for granted in 2014 probably made it to the top of your list this year as things to focus and concentrate on. I am willing to bet, those same things have all but fallen off your list of importance.

You got done with the resolution list as soon as you realized life has to move on. You got back into your old patterns. Life is normal again. The trouble with getting back to life as usual is it does not help you advance and really play a bigger game does it?

Let me ask you, how did you set your goals for 2015? Did you pick New Year’s resolutions? Did you make SMART goals? How is that working for you?

The trouble with how you approached 2015 is you used old thinking. You made plans just like you used to and that won’t cut it anymore. Let’s face it, if goal setting was enough, all of us would be on the way to achieve our wildest dreams. The fact is, we don’t.

Plans have a way of hitting road blocks. Goals seem to come up against challenges. The road has twists and turns. Plans simply change, however VISION always finds a way.

I am not just referring to your vision statement I am talking about creating a compelling vision of the future you want. I am talking about creating something that really moves you. I am talking about something that has you wake up in the night and itching to get back to work. Then you will focus on what’s important.

Email me – adufresne@rhapsodystrategies.com and I will help you create that for yourself.

Adam DufresneAdam Dufresne
Rhapsody Strategies
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I suggest reading Jon Denney’s book Unstuck. Jon is the owner of the PBCA (The alliance that certifies me as a coach) My writing, teaching, and learning is largely influenced by this man.

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