What’s in it for your employees?

What’s in it for your employees? (Beyond a paycheck)

Do you employees have a reason to come to work beyond their paycheck? If not, you and I know that will only motivate them for a short time. Let’s be honest with ourselves. In a small or medium sized business you often times can’t afford to pay you employees huge salaries. So if your employee’s only incentive to come to work is the pay check, the moment they get a bigger offer they are history. Employee turnover is one of the hardest things any small business owner has to deal with. It often costs more money, time and heart ache than any other part of the business.

  • How do we provide employees with more?
  • How do we motivate them to work hard and be part of the team?
  • How do we keep employees around for a long time without huge overhead?

There are quite a number of simple ways to accomplish this. Remember that money is not the largest motivator in life. It is important in anyone’s life, or business, but not the ultimate reason people do what they do. If money was the sole motivation this would be a very different and cold world to live in.

Simple ways to cultivate employee loyalty.

Well Days:

When you were working for someone else from time to time, you called in sick when you were perfectly fine. You just wanted a day off. You didn’t feel like working. Whatever the case may be. You may have not been totally truthful to get an extra day of rest. It is going to happen. So let’s stop dancing around it. Let your employees support them taking days off. Set some simple guidelines and boundaries. Your employees will love you for this one.


The worst thing you can do is forget your employee’s birthdays. It does not have to be a cheesy gathering in the boardroom for cake. But do something, anything, make sure they know you appreciate them.


One of the most effective awards I have ever seen is an old painted work boot. It was given out to the top performer for the month. What a simple idea! They literally took an old work boot and spray painted it gold. It became the most coveted award in the company.


One of the most motivating things any employer can do is have food at the office. When an employee forgets their lunch they think. Damn it! This will cost me 10 bucks! Take that off the table. Have the office full of healthy food that all employees can enjoy. Ever heard the old saying, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Well that is a silly saying! The quickest way to ANYONE’S heart is their stomach.

Career development or training:

This is often mistook for expensive training. It does not have to be that complex. If you know an area someone wants to improve themselves in, go buy a book. This is probably the most powerful way you can create employee loyalty. Invest in their personal and professional development. Nothing will get better results than this!

So there is a simple list of things you can do to make sure your employees know there is more in it for them than just a paycheck. None of these ideas cost you any real money. None of these ideas are hard. They are all very powerful!

Adam DufresneAdam Dufresne
Rhapsody Strategies
Professional Business Coach



I suggest reading Jon Denney’s book Unstuck. Jon is the owner of the PBCA (The alliance that certifies me as a coach) My writing, teaching, and learning is largely influenced by this man and this book.

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