Who is the REAL people problem in your company?

One of the biggest struggles business owners deal with is negative or under-performing employees. Let’s face it, your companies personality is the sum of all the people working in your company. So let me ask you quite simply, Are you the people problem in your company?

There are hundreds of “people issues” we deal with in companies all the time. To name a few: (feel free to add to the list, it is nearly endless)

  • The staff member that likes to bring personal drama to work every day.
  • A person who lies, cheats or deceives.
  • The employee that makes a lot of mistakes; incompetence.
  • A selfish person that serves him or herself first; the team second (or worse).
  • Someone that resists positive change.
  • The happy employee that is always extremely “busy,” but doesn’t accomplish much that’s worthwhile.
  • The once fabulous team member that has slipped into mediocrity.

To compound the situation most business owners will make excuses as to why they are not dealing with the situation head on. Do any of these excuses come from your mouth ever?

  • No time.
  • Too busy.
  • The person may quit, besides, nobody’s perfect.
  • I don’t like conflict.
  • He/she will only make excuses and be offended and it won’t work anyway.
  • There are a lot of great traits the person has; I don’t want to be too critical.

We know logically that this approach can be costly. It can cost money, mental health and any number of things can be effected by ignoring the problem. It stays on the endless “to do” list for fear of the consequence. Let’s be real here for a second and I will be frank. No one really enjoys confrontation, its human nature. We want to avoid it completely.

I want you to stop for a second. Read this next sentence slowly and take it very personally. If you are not addressing the people issue in the company YOU are the people issue in the company. Let that sink in for a second, YOU are the people problem in the company.

I apologize if me being frank and direct has offended you. My intention is not to hurt your feelings. It is to clearly bring to light what will help you and in turn make the organization stronger.

Dealing with People issues can often times be very delicate and have many factors. I will offer you a deal.

Email me at adam.dufresne@gmail.com in the subject line write “people problems” and I will sit down with you for an hour to help figure out the best course forward.


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