Creating an Opportunities List

By creating an opportunities list you will have a great tool to help you make strategic and tactical decisions so that you can take advantage of opportunities and solve the problems within your company. Most business owners spend their days reacting instead of strategically planning. With an opportunities list you can move out of the panic zone that reacting generally puts you in and start making the most of your business.

If you want to continue to grow your company’s revenue and increase the profits you can expect, then you have to do things differently than you’ve done them to this point.  Creating an Opportunities List provides a disciplined, proactive approach to business improvement and development.

It’s really a simple concept:

  • Determine every problem and unmet opportunity you have in your company
  • Prioritize the problems or opportunities
  • Identify your top three
  • Brainstorm with the team solutions
  • Create an action plan that can immediately be implemented

Creating an opportunities list

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Remember that you have to bring all of these things to completion, otherwise you are wasting your time.

As simple as it is, using an Opportunities List requires discipline. However it has been one of the most beneficial tools I have used with my clients. Please be sure your executive team (or anyone you think is important to the company) is involved in creating the opportunities list. Otherwise, you may miss something or let a project slip through the cracks.

Creating an Opportunities List Homework:

  • Bring together your leadership team
  • Work with a coach/trusted advisory/mentor to facilitate the conversation
  • Brain storm a list of issues or opportunities until you feel it is a complete and all encompassing list
  • Once the list is complete prioritize the list and figure out which are the top three
  • Being creating a tactical plan for each of the top three and assign people and due dates to the completion of each tactic
  • Create a way to measure success
  • Have a regularly scheduled meeting (think weekly) to review the opportunities list and measure the progress
  • Review results vs expected results
  • Adjust any plans as necessary
  • Rinse and repeat!

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