Opportunities List Podcast

Step one: Create your opportunities list

Then think of every “opportunity” your company could benefit from and put those on your list. Your opportunities could include creating a better on-boarding program for new hires, enhancing your sales and marketing efforts, expanding your business either geographically or in product/service offerings, creating a company-wide “operations manual,” providing leadership development training for your key-people, and any and all other opportunities you have to make your company stronger.

Step two: Prioritize the list

Now it’s time to prioritize your list. After all, it’s not practical to think you can solve all of your problems and capitalize on all of your opportunities at once. Nobody has the time to do that. So instead, prioritize your list according to importance.

Step three: Create you step by step action list

Now it’s time to go through these opportunities one-by-one and determine the smartest “next steps” that need to be taken in order to capitalize on each of these “high-priority” opportunities and/or problems.

Step four: Get an accountability partner

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