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Trying new things is this weeks topic. In my opinion this is one of the most wonderful things in life and in business. For those of you who are parents out there, you probably try and encourage your kids to try new things all the time, just have one bite and if you don’t like it then you can have …, sound familiar?

So why then when we become adults do we stop trying new things as much. We find routines or processes that work fairly well and we stick to those. As we get older we stop trying new things and start to settle into things. I think there could not be a bigger mistake.

Cultivating your curiosity for something new will bring back more enjoyment to your life but also has the potential to transform your business.

Trying new things

New Things Don’t Go Stale

Let’s be honest with ourselves, business sometimes gets stale. We have all seen the business that got tired and old. Out dated business models, unhappy employees and any number of things can happen when a business stays too much the same for too long. The real kicker in all this is, half the time the people working in the stale business don’t even realize it!

The way we can fight this is to be constantly trying new things or as the start up world puts it “innovating.” But don’t let that fool you into thinking, innovations are some grand new discovery that changes the face of business. Innovation can simply be a new logo design, a different way to approach customers or an improvement on an existing product or service.

I am a big fan of the saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” So don’t make the mistake of thinking I am suggesting altering or saying with things and products that already work. However, it is easy to try simple new tweaks to something and see if it improves your results. The question is what do we tweak, what do we change.

Here is where your customer comes in. Grab two of three of your best customers and ask them to lunch. While out at lunch let them know you want to learn what they think of your industry and products etc. If you and your customer are close this should be easy.

Once you meet, do not do what every other customer service person is doing and ask them, how do you like our product/service or are you happy with the level of …. you won’t get anywhere.

Instead ask them things like, what do people generally hate about dealing with people in my industry? Why did you leave your last supplier? If I gave you my business today, what changes would you make immediately? All of these questions can give you hints as to where to make slight changes and modifications. We are not reinventing the wheel here, we simply what to find a few simple modifications that can have a positive impact on your business.

If you need help in coming up with a list of creative questions I am always here to help. Until then, go out there and try it, try something new.

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